Handmade Jewelry

Necklace Sets


Our handmade necklace sets include the necklace, earrings and sometimes a bracelet. Our sets are 1-of-a-Kind designs that are carefully crafted by hand. We are always searching for beads that are as unique and beautiful as you. How you chose to adorn yourself is important and we hope that you will chose our jewelry products to accentuate your attire and your life.

Beaded Bracelets


Color, Color, Color! Wrists were made for wonderful, eye popping color and we love making bracelets and jewelry with beads in all hues. Our handmade wrist décor is strung with 20 gauge copper, silver or brass wire for longevity. The happiest wrists wear Slc's Sacred Gemz.

Wire Works


From Chokers to toe rings we bend, swirl, curl and curve brass, silver, and copper wire. (Copper is said to have healing properties) Our ethnic jewelry collection of just wire pieces may sometimes be accented with beads and/or shells. The wire is formed into artistic shapes and then hammered for shape-keeping. Wire is used in most of our Slc's Sacred Gemz designs.


The Sovereign Collection

The Ultimate in Slc's Sacred Gemz

This collection is designed for jewelry lovers who appreciate the exotic, rare, extraordinary and lavishly wonderful beads that the world has to offer. At Slc's Sacred Gemz we frequently visit bead and gem shows, bead boutiques, online bead stores and local beaderies because we are always searching for opportunities to pass the savings on to our customers. We also, on occasion, come across beads that are so exquisite, have an amazing backstory, are creatively handcrafted or are too phenomenal to pass up. That is what jewelry designer dreams are made of and in these instances, the beads may sometimes be more pricy but they have the potential to become positively posh in a fabulous Slc's Sacred Gemz design. It is our distinct pleasure to create a specialty category for these absolute 1-of-a-kind treasures.

The Sovereign Collection represents the finest in bead and jewelry artistry. Some of these strands may be hand made by an artisan, a natural resource that is becoming extinct or may be some unusual and unique gemstone. Our regal collection will consist of these types of bead elements and will be priced at $200 and above for Necklace Sets, $90 and above for Bracelets and $75 and above for Earrings. This will be the most sumptuous bijouterie (jewelry) that Slc's Sacred Gemz has to offer. The Sovereign Collection is for the independently royal jewelry lovers who know exactly how magnificent they are and want the accessories they wear to reflect that radiant truth.

Thank you to all of our family, friends and fans for making our online jewelry store a virtual star!