Wonderful & Wearable Art

Additional Information

At Slc's Sacred Gemz we strive to create jewelry that is stylish, functional, ethnic and fun. We are inspired by nature, culture, life and history, the contemporary and the ancient, the everyday and the extraordinary and we are committed to producing handmade quality products that will last. It is our pleasure to share our 15 years of jewelry making experience and launch our website, slcssacredgemz.com, so that we may reach people who share the same passion for hand-crafted wearable art.

We love using beads that have meaning, come from everywhere in the world and we are always attracted to beads  with distinct shapes, sizes, colors and textures. The earth has taken the time to produce so many durable and healing minerals and we honor her giving by garnishing her gift and wearing/sharing these treasures with you.

Mission statement - Slc's Sacred Gemz designs jewelry for the King/Queen in you. Our bijouterie is created from a "happy place" that we intend to share with the world.

Owner/Operator, Sandra Laraine Coleman (Slc) is a self-taught jewelry designer. She began making jewelry in her living room 15 years ago and fell in love. It all started when she needed to find an honest way to earn extra income and still be available for her daughter's recitals, basketball games, homework and dinner. The first items were simple seed bead anklets and bracelets that soon graduated into jewelry made with natural gemstones and wire. You can see the love that goes into each design and her customers often speak about how beautiful they feel in Slc's Sacred Gemz. It is Miss Coleman's desire to create items that can be passed down with love, honor and appreciation for generations to come.